Moving is full of tension, whether it’s moving goods and chattels from one geographic
place to another, or, as is the case now, trying to compile a useful and attractive place for the much stuff I have on the web by now.

I talk.

Clearly my talking has become writing while I spend a lot of time in my studio, and much less time gadding about in “real life.”   Always though, I’ve written, and by now I have so many blogs and stories and bits of art and other goodies on the internet that I cannot figure out where it all is.

So I’m waiting today for my DNS name servers to be changed from Yola to WordPress.  It was February when I planned this.  Time flies.  I was frustrated trying to move my domain to WordPress then– there was a big penalty for moving it so soon after buying it from a company in Canada.  The cyberworld, for all its quickness is sometimes very very slow when it wants to get money from people.

So I am waiting for “them” to finish doing whatever “they” do to get my website officially onto WordPress,  my old friend from the beginning of the Old Swimmer posts.

Like my studio, there are a lot of different enterprises in my life/mind/plans/history.  Trying to tuck them neatly into one website will be a big project.  Maybe I can alternate between doing this and also clearing out a lot of extra stuff from my large art storage locker.  Costly every month for things that are not earning their keep!  Must be time to get my affairs in order, as they sometimes call it.    But it’s a good tension.  Like cleaning up after decorating for Christmas, sort of, and making sure everything is ready for the celebration and the gifts.


I shall put this in a category of Essays on Transition or something like that I guess.  Or maybe, like my filing system, just make another folder called Miscellaneous.

The image is of one of twelve 4 inch square wood panels, which I have changed the color 
of just for this appearance.  It really is called RUBY GRAPEFRUIT,  oil paint on textured gesso.

4 thoughts on “Good Tension

  1. here I am again..awaiting summer..need totalk to u about ideas ineed for me to be “crafty” on my front porch!


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