Susan Holland welcomes , more or less, of SGHolland Art Studio activities.  It’s my first day into my 81st year and it’s time to tidy up a little and get organized.   My efforts thereof will appear here, all things being green for GO.

Feb 2018 SUSAN AT 80 FOR HEADER OF WDPRESS 2018 PAGE b&w closing in on 80


I write a lot lately and much of my writing is about art and creativity as it unfolds in my studio.  You can read the Virga story,  one of my most recent, via the Virga link.

It will be clear that I am at a turning point– a necessary assessment of output of eight decades of life. I hope to choose the best to put here over some weeks or months, brought in from other places on the web where I am doing some site clean-up.

I must teach myself anew the tricks of website building on WordPress.   It has been long a friend of mine, from nearly the beginning of my web efforts (circa 1999).  See you around!

(the photo above is derived from a happy gathering at a Mexican Restaurant for my 80 th birthday where my family and I gathered for deep fried ice cream.  Very fun and happy.)

add another page.

————————————————- 2020——————————————————–

Susan Holland and Werner Muller, Las Vegas NM, 2020

Susan in 2020 at the tender age of 82. Her lifelong friend Werner and she
are trekking in the high desert of New Mexico where the ranch house is
delivering constant material for paintings and carvings.


wood bark water —oil on canvas 2020
Machine, watermedia on paper, SGHolland 2020

Twenty twenty brought one of the most difficult years of the earth’s history to everyone.
Many of the works coming out of the small space in Las Vegas NM reflect the chaos of 2020 and foreshadow the chaos of 2021. Abstraction came to the fore. Experimental styles popped up. Pointillism, imaginary subjects, inventions in media, everything from large and general abstracts to finicky trompe l’oeil patterns of squares galloped through the workshop.
Bold and different, like our world of covid, political upheaval, and surprise health issues came into play in my 82nd year.

Wind Trees, in progress. watermedia on paper SGHolland 2020– 2021

2 thoughts on “About,UPDATED Nov 29 2022

  1. Dear Susan ,

    60 years ago this past spring and summer we ” took the road less travelled”.
    What a blessing .
    Memories of our time, of your talents and inspiration have endured.
    Thank you for your insight and your courage, a lifetime ago; you redefined my life
    and it made all the difference.
    ” Love is sufficient unto Love ” (Gibran)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. How amazing!
    Dear Werner,

    Hasn’t it been an amazing trip? We were both defined, then, greatly, by the extraordinary friendship and love. I see you when watching soccer these days, and also when see men singing with big smiles on their faces. So many wonderful memories.
    Thank you for writing, you good person.

    So good to see your face (however hazy) in recent photos, and your wife, too. I send you only good wishes.

    Live long and healthy, dear Werner.



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