By the FAKE or the one and only Susan G Holland? How will you know the difference?

Originality is on it’s deathbed.

How do you know this is a genuine original blog entry made on April 21, 2023 by a real person?

AI is here and doesn’t care if it doesn’t have a password!!!

Will WordPress create a filter to sift out the fake stuff you read or hear on your computer or TV? Or will some machine churn out it’s own understanding of digital output?

Is the internet masquerading —or not? Is the music real or a computer-generated mirage?

Will someone invent a gizmo that blows a warning whistle when what you see or hear on the internet is not from the live source? What about copyright laws?

Just asking whether I should bother watching and listening to what comes to my eyes or ears. Just asking so I don’t start believing lies and liars.