Top of the morning’s headlines include not only the precarious status of world wars, vicious political threats within US political teetertotter, the huge stock exchange reflux and criminal atrocities of humans to other humans, but a more up-clode and personal apocalyptic spread of fire and brimstone right here in the neighborhood!

(I am writing from a so-far “safe” hideout in Santa Fe, having evacuated the poor vulnerable old town of Las Vegas.)

The fires were “not unusual” in New Mexico. There are seasons when people through long long history always expected wildfires. It’s dry here and sunny, even in winter months.

perhaps we can guess that many a wood dwelling of the original humans here failed to survive the fires of old and we see even today that the little ancient pueblos in the hills we’re far more fire resistant than wood structures. Not surprising that many of these houses built of sand and rocks are still around today in 2022. And that fabric and wood tepees we’re invented to allow one to take their houses with them when fleeing fires and other inevitable disasters .

Evacuation! Not a surprise to the early inhabitants. And by now, a reality every hour in this wild southwest US state.

Today the New York Times actually included NM’s fiery story in the World News headlines. We have a historic event here and now. Before our eyes, in our air, falling as ashes even a hundred miles away from the heat! The wind doesn’t care about these bumps called mountains. They are like a playground for the gale force winds laden with red hot cinders to play “gotcha” in.

SGHolland (c) May 2022

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