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Holland Art Studio survives the time of fire, pandemic, world strife.

I am remaining in New Mexico as of June 2022, but currently shifting between Santa Fe (where we are near a small busy city’s amenities) and the Las Vegas ( NM) ranch/farm
which escaped the ravages of nearby wildfires in the past months. The fires gobbled up a LOT of New Mexico. They were near enough that we took our clothes and essentials with us to this lovely condo in Santa Fe. The evacuations were fast and furious. We watched along with other anxious people to see where the fires were roaring through, eating homes up like scavengers, leaving only the hard metal parts and nails behind.

W’s grown children are crestfallen to have lost the family cabin, built fifty plus years ago.
So many memories there… The children were raised there from infants. They all built lives as they grew up and went off to adulthood. But the memories of their Mom and Dad there, and a host of friends coming and going, including international students, and visitors from all over the world. The long long ride from cabin to Las Vegas schools eventually brought them to the eco-conscious farm/ranch they built near the Las Vegas town. That farm/ranch is where W and I have been homing in. It’s a good 45 minutes from Santa Fe. Going desert highway speed, that is.

We are now trying to figure out how I can make art at the Condo. It’s roomy, and very pleasant and safe. But how to put an art studio into this nice place? We are weeding out
the furniture that is very grand and more commodious than necessary. We are talking
storage units and thinking of moving some of the farm furniture here, including
studio furniture.

The Art on the Mesa exhibition is still up at the Summerhouse up on the hillside
rising up behind the fields of the ranch. I have sold things, yes, and put
a few new pieces up there. But we are using that space for YOGA lessons!
Once a week! It will be available for events like exhibits and musical evenings.
Other artists may bring their art there for showings. There are so many artists and
musicians in that little old town.

So, it is a time for change and adjustment. We are both in our 80s. A bit creaky,
both of us. We have come to realize that we are not the high-energy people
we were so long ago when we met at high school.

Adapt! Adapt! We are trying.

The whole world has hugely changed in the past three years. Adapt! So many uncertainties have fallen on people of ALL ages. Serious losses. It will never be the same. But it is alive and learning to ADAPT. That’s where we are right now.

United World College at risk

My digital creation came from a photo I took of pistachio nuts~
it might as well be a representation of rock, metal and ashes from our wildfires.

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