“…All things counter, original, spare, strange;
   Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)…”
from Pied Beauty by G.M. Hopkin
susan talking w susan sig
This is the place!
Come in and investigate what is going on in the studio!
Eventually this site will lead to all other SGHolland internet content!WELCOME!

painting susan digital paint  susan working

2 thoughts on “Susan G Holland Art Studio

  1. This is one crazy mixed up site. I can’t find anything and categories have nothing in them. I was trying to find some plain air and your trick for protecting wet paintings


  2. Hello, Art. Yes, my various websites are indeed crazy and mixed up. I am moving my site to a central location and it is turning out to be a huge job.
    Some plein air paintings can be found on this link: http://www.artpursuits.info/slide-shows.html

    The Plein airs are in the third section as you scroll down.
    To protect wet paintings, it is good to use panels between them with thumb tacks attached to the corners of the painting support from the back. That way the pin will stick through the painting”s front corners and you may place another rigid panel carefully over, letting the pins keep the “cover panel” off the painting surface. Another way is to use masking tape turned back on itself so as to be sticky on both sides. Put your painting in a box and stick it to the bottom of the box. Put the lid on the box, and there you are.

    Thank you for visiting. Thanks for commenting. I am far from finished. I have about 70 years of work to organize, and it takes time. Susan Holland


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