Gardens and graphics are tied together inexorably.
I find art in the most humble places.

The link above will take you to some old history of Susan G Holland, an artist who began 83+ years ago on the East Coast of the US, and is now, after many many adventures and homes, living in the High Desert of NE New Mexico.

Back then…I was a swimmer. And so I named one of my early blogs, and there are a lot of stories there. In about 1980 I began to learn computer skills, and from then on the computer was my way of logging my life, sharing my artwork, speaking my mind, and musing about the wonder of life itself.

Here are some glimpses of some of my adventures across the US and other places in the world. in photo form, original art pieces and digitized renderings of images derived from photos of my own original paintings.

Some time soon I shall link these images to different parts of my art life, both the literal life of days and years, and also the output from my brain and spirit and hands reflecting the years.

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